“Aerosol – an extinguishing Agent with space technology”

By Definition, an Aerosol is a mixture of a gas and solid and / or liquid suspended particles.
By Burning off the solid contained in our Aerosol Generators ( this is actually a derivative of a fuel as used in space travel ) an Aerosol is created from liquid and gaseous particles consisting of Potassium Carbonates with a particle size of approx 1 μm. The essentials

Extinguishing Agent is Potassium hydrogen Carbonate, which decomposes very quickly from a temperature of approx. 50 C. and rerases water andcarbon dioxide
This creates K2C03 , which is classified as cpmletley harmless from a physiological Point of view, it is additive in organic products and other Foods without any restrictions (E501/Pottasche).


Our extinguishing Aerosol is siutable for the following fire classes:

A – solid, glowing substances
B – liquid and liquid substances
C – gases
F – edible oils and fats


The deletion process

Double extinguishing power for your safety

The conversion of the Potassium hydrogen Carbonate to Potassium Carbonate removes chemical oxidants from the fire. This prevents the oxidation and no more Burning process can take place.

The Oxygen Content of the ambient airis not reduced here. This chemical process is an endothermic reaction, whereby additional heat is extracted from the combustion process.

The fire is extinguished effectively in two ways, wich explain the extremely high volume effectiveness of our Aerosol as an extinguishing Agent..

Because of this Efficiency, we do not Need any external storage to store our extinguishing Agent, and there is not Need to install complex pipes, maintenance-intensive pressure vessels or the like.
SRC Aerosol generatores are extremly compact and only require cabling for triggering (thermal or electrical).






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