We, the SRC Commerce, have teamed up with the market leader for aerosol extinguishing technology (FirePro)
developed an extinguishing system that protects your Racing Truck more than just against fire.
Finest sensor technology, which was developed especially for this system, is able to
to detect a fire before the eruption and thus prevent major damage.
This "preventive" technique makes our system so special.
You all know the dangers of lithium-ion batteries.
Even after a race the danger of a fire is still very high.

It is precisely this concern that we can take from you.
Our extinguisher system gives you a secure feeling, no matter where your truck is.
Whether on the highway, the racetrack or in your yard,

Our System guarantees you 100% safety for vehicle and equipment.

If we have aroused your interest then please contact us via the contact form,
because we are always on behalf of our customers on the road and we will certainly contact you quickly





For the racing car, we can soon offer a full automatic Aerosol extinguishing system

After numerous Tests in the race car, we now know the weak Points where a fire is most likely to break out unnoticed.


We are currently in the final Phase of out tests.


The following Advantages to the current extinguishing system:

- Extinguishing system works fully automatically

- weight savings.

- Virtually no residue after extinguishing.

- Residues left by the Aerosol can easily be removed with compressed air.

- No disassembly of the race car necessary.


If you want more Information in Advance, just contact us via the contact form.


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