We the SRC Commerce, together with the market leader for aerosol extinguishing technology ( FirePro )

extinguishing system that protects your passenger ship more than just against fire.


The finest sensors, which have been specially developed for this system, are able to,

ein to report a fire before the outbreak , because it is different in shipping than e.g. in the engine location.

The extinguishing system Manuel must be triggered in the passenger ships, our most modern technology allows you to act in seconds, the deletion process then only takes seconds.,


Our aerosol system protects you exactly according to regulations, with min. 120g / qm room (IMO, FS12, ES-TRIN)


This "preventive" technique makes our system so special.


There have been a number of fires on passenger ships in the past, which could have been prevented with our innovative system.


Aerosol extinguishing systems are environmentally friendly, extinguish almost no residue and are harmless to humans and animals.


Our extinguishing system gives you a secure feeling.

Whether in the port or at full speed,

our system guarantees you maximum security.

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