Automatic extinguishing System for Campers, Caravans & Camping buses


A fire in a mobile home, whether it is a caravan, camper or campervan, always has devastating consequences. The causes can be defective gas heating, a leak in the gas supply, grease fire in the kitchen area or even an engine fire.

A new, often underestimated, Risk of fire is the use of Lithium batteries as a consumer battery. The undeniable Advantages of this Technology also involve a certain fire Risk ( e.g. through overloading, mechanical Damage, manufacturing Errors, etc. ).

Hand-Held fire extinguishers are mostly useless in the case of fires in the Motor home, since the fires spreads very quickly and the entire vehicles is on fire. .

In Addition, you can be surprised by an outbreak of fire even while you are sleeping, especially if it starts from the heating System, which is often positioned directly under the lying Surface.

Our aerosol fire extinguishers offer comprehensive and reliable protection in all fire-endangered Areas of your camper including the Lithium batteries. The extingguishing Agent is absolutely non-toxic and leaves no Damage, the triggering can take place either fully automatically or manually..

Due to the cpmpact dimensions, our aerosol Generators are perfect for retrofitting

We would be happy to create an individual fire protection Concept for your motorhome, caravan or camper !











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